CRMA™ is our Science-Based Spinal Injury Technology

Spinal Kinetics is a US based Medical Technology and Medical Services Company.  We are the leading pioneer in the clinical application of our Science-Based Injury Technology called CRMA™.   CRMA™ (Computerized Radiographic Mensuration Analysis) which is an advanced x-ray measurement methodology that allows our Board Certified Medical Radiologists to accurately measure the abnormal intersegmental motion patterns that are resultant from an injury to the spinal ligaments.   Spinal ligaments hold the vertebral motion units in proper and exact alignment for the duration of any activity that patient is putting their spine through.  When the patient’s spinal ligaments are uncompromised that patient will display no excessive joint motion (EJM©), and will usually be free of the many symptoms associated with this condition.

At Spinal Kinetics, we know that trauma is the leading cause of EJM© and the inherent spinal instability the often accompanies it.  Damage to the spinal ligaments can occur through many varied mechanisms, all of which can deliver forces capable of damaging these ligaments.  Examples of common mechanisms that can cause spinal ligament injuries are: Auto Collisions, Work Related Accidents, Sports Collisions, Slip and Falls, Domestic Violence, Recreational Accidents, War Related Accidents, and many, many more.

When the spinal ligaments are, damaged or compromised at any spinal level, that damage shows up as excessive joint motion (EJM©).  This EJM© is easily picked up, measured, and recorded with our CRMA™ Technology procedures applied to the patient’s stress x-rays.  Our Board-Certified Medical Radiologists are the best in the country at applying our technology and our system generates a standard report that is easy to understand and easy to clinically correlate.

Now any doctor in the world can easily determine the severity and location of their patient’s Spinal Instability that often comes trauma to the spine.  With our CRMA™ report comes the necessary unbiased raw objective data that is easily clinically correlated to determine the nature and character of any patient’s spinal ligament injury.  This information will allow the doctor to develop a more accurate, detailed, and personalized treatment program that is both patient specific, and results oriented.  This includes every level of care from the most conservative forms such as Chiropractic & Physical Therapy, to the more invasive Orthopedic Injections and Facet Rhizotomies, as well as the most invasive spinal surgeries to.

At Spinal Kinetics, our mission is simple.  We want to be the leading provider of CRMA™ spinal ligament testing in the country. Spinal ligament injuries are the #1 cause of disability and pain worldwide! We know this epidemic of incredible suffering and extraordinary costs can be reduced with early accurate diagnosis.  Early detection through our standard assessments will lead to better treatments, better results and better benefits for all parties involved.

The Features of our services:

  • The Treating Doctor will send that patients Stress X-rays via our pre-paid FedEx materials for DICOM Images on CD and/or Plain Films, or we can also, depending on patient volume of studies; set up a secure VPN connection for automatic upload to our company PAC’s System.
  • Once all images are in and a completed Doctor Prescription, Patient Information and the accompanying, Assignment and Lien Form are in and complete, the studies are processed.
  • Our Board Certified Medical Radiologist’s provide a completed study in 24-48 hours and then the reports are immediately gotten back to the providers. Quicker turnaround can be accommodated based on request.
  • The Doctor than clinically correlates the findings and changes, adds to, or confirms that the patient is on the right treatment plan for the injuries noted.
  • When Alteration of Motion Segment Integrity as defined in the American Medical Associations. “Guide to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment” is met the CRMA™ report will reflect it, so that any provider can now easily perform an accurate Impairment Rating on the patient.
  • Our services are Non-biased and are purely Objective. Our CRMA™ is an intersegmental motion measurement study and is not to be confused with a -22 Professional Component of an X-ray Study.
  • CRMA™ is used as expert scientific evidence in court, and has meet the Daubert criteria for valid scientific evidence and the Frye legal standard for acceptance in the scientific community.
  • Spinal Kinetic accepts many forms of payment including, all forms of Worker’s Compensation, insurance, Auto Insurance, some forms of Health Insurance (we are not In Network), cash and credit cards.

We understand that some patients may have no insurance or have exhausted their insurance, in which case we will do services on a Lien or LOP basis.


I am a Doctor that would like more information on CRMA Spinal Ligament Testing

1Chiropractic Analysis

Chiropractic analysis of vertebral derangement can be objectively evaluated in a valid and unique way within the accepted Chiropractic Professional Guidelines, as well as AMA Guidelines. Our detailed report allows you to be a Guideline-driven practice, and a spinal injury specialist.

Pain Management/ Neurological Analysis

Pain Management doctors who need analysis to specifically differentiate the cause of pain from ligament laxity/instability, disc, nerve, or other source.  Neurological Analysis for stability/instability evaluation of spinal joints following spinal trauma or surgery.

Sport Injury Analysis

Sport Injury Specialists will be able to accurately analyze and assess spinal ligament stability/instability for specific evaluation of athletic injuries as a guideline for returning to contact sports.

Orthopedic Analysis

Orthopedic surgeons that may be required to follow guidelines for assessment of candidates for Vertebral-Fusion Surgery, including evaluation of radiographs with Mensuration can use advanced C.R.M.A.

“Make the intelligent choice for obtaining quantitative objective support for your injury patients.”